From the field to the composite

powerful by nature

An innovative fiber

with damping properties


advanced flax Reinforcements


Lineo is today focused on the use of flax fiber for the development of its products.

Flax Fibers are offering the best mechanical properties on the market of natural fibers and Flax fibers are easily and massively available near the Lineo facilities.


Flax ply main benefit is to bring a new functionality in composite materials.

By combining flax plies with conventional material such as carbon or glass fiber; you will be able to improve significantly the damping properties of your materials while ensuring good mechanical properties.

The vibration absorption provided by flax ply will reduce the stress of players using composite sporting goods and improve the life span of composite parts in marine or aerospace market.


In addition to its interesting intrinsic properties, Flax fibres also present a lot of ecological benefits:

First of all, Flax fibers are renewable resources. They have been renewed by nature and human ingenuity for millennia.

Flax is a plant that grows naturally, and needs very few chemicals. Few or no fertilizers and/or pesticides are being used compared to other crops. Also, flax does not require irrigation during the growing process.

They are also carbon neutral: they absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide they produce.

During the transformation from stem to fibres, mainly organic wastes are generated that can be used to produce electricity or make ecological products.

Last but not least; at the end of their life cycle, Flax fibres are 100% biodegradable.